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Thermographic Electrical Surveys

Infrared Thermographic surveys are ideal for electrical inspections, as electrical connections become loose there is a resistance to current that causes an increase
in temperature. If left unchecked heat can cause connections to melt which may result in a fire. As well as loose connections, electrical systems suffer from
load imbalances, corrosion and under rated components. Infrared Thermography quickly identify theses faults.

Typical applications:

  • Pre-shutdown inspections
  • Loose connections
  • Busbars
  • Overloaded/underrated cables
    • Thermal Imaging is a non-contact, temperature measuring technique

      A Thermal heat sensitive imaging camera, checks the heat signature of your switchboard, internal switchgear
      and cabling.

      Argus Electrical are an accredited full scope NICEIC Electrical Contractor and can offer commercial clients a package which includes:
      Fixed Wire Inspection & Testing, an Electrical Installation Condition Report and a FREE Thermographic Survey

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