Argus Electrical’s Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Cooking is a workout. There’s a lot of action going around the kitchen, three times a day. It also means it’s three times the walking, frying, pouring, serving, and whatnot. No matter what upper body exercise you’re doing, you’re burning energy and time every single day. It could lead to many life problems, especially when you’re cooking for the whole family or simply by yourself. But the great news is that instant food has become a convenience in this new age of machinery. And with instant food comes instant cooking machinery as well. 

Microwaves, coffee makers, rice cookers, and more have made life ten times more comfortable. It’s even hard to imagine life right now without a simple refrigerator. But like how plates, knives, and pans are organized neatly into the kitchen cabinets, these appliances need some tuck-ins as well. A more effective approach to that is applying an electrical plan. 

From the experts of kitchen remodeling Oakland, and several other professionals, they’ve recommended you to own at least seven functioning electrical circuits. These need to be safeguarded away from water-present areas like sinks to avoid electrical shock. Apart from those, here are several factors you need to have in an efficient kitchen:

Dedicated Circuits for Stationary Appliances

Appliances with their motor need a dedicated electrical circuit. They’ll stay mostly forever in one spot, so their circuit needs to be secured as well. They’re commonly large and take up a lot of space within your kitchen. Namely, these are dishwashers, refrigerators, and electric ovens. These are heavily used items every day, so it lessens any hassles of finding a new outlet. 

Countertop Circuits for Moving Appliances

Are you the type who loves to bake cakes in their free time? Or do you happen to run a side business surrounding self-made food products? Either way, you’re going to need 20 amp or 120-volt circuits that shouldn’t be a mile long away from each other or should not be placed further than four feet apart. These circuits have the best positions placed on countertops. Such moving appliances are coffee pots, mixers, toasters, blenders, a juicer, and other small kitchen appliances. 

Positions for Lighting Fixture

Smart lighting in your kitchen is incredibly important as it can lessen accidents from dark areas. A good plan begins by providing a uniformed layout. It needs to be arranged in such a way so that it won’t cast shadows, even if you just lit one or two. These are placed best near outlet areas. The switches should be near doorways for easy cleanup. As a suggestion, you can also add light inside cabinets to help during the night. 

Here are only some of what an ideal kitchen electrical wiring plan looks like. Not only will this save your time from circling your kitchen, but it will also significantly lessen your electrical bills in the long run. These are services that return high in relieving stress during and after cooking. 

Make cooking a shock, buzz, and flicker-free with the help of professionals from Argus Electrical.