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Replacing Fuseboards?

Argus Electrical is an NICEIC Approved Contractor and an NICEIC Part P Domestic Installer. We are fully qualified, experienced and insured to carry out work
on all commercial & domestic electrical installations.

As a consumer you will need to be aware of the latest requirements before having your fuseboard replaced. Below we have outlined the most recent regulation
changes and details of what safety procedures should be followed when a fuseboard is changed.

When the work has been completed, a registered electrician will issue an Electrical Completion Certificate to both Commerical & Domestic Clients and
a Building Compliance Certificate to Domestic Clients.

We hope that you find this information helpful, however should you have any queries please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to help you.

It is important to have this type of work installed by a registered electrician. To verify us, please use the links at the bottom of this page.

New non-combustible enclosure requirement for consumer units

The third amendment to BS 7671:2011 (IET Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition), includes a new regulation requiring consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies in
domestic premises to have a non-combustible enclosure. The implementation date for the regulation was 1 January 2016.

Part P of the Building Regulations - What electrical work is notifiable?

Electrical work in a dwelling, or associated with its surroundings, is notifiable to a local building control body where the work includes:

  • the replacement of a consumer unit (fusebox)
    • By law, the homeowner or landlord must be able to prove that all electrical installation work meets Part P, or they will be committing a criminal offence

Guidance for replacing a customer consumer unit

It is recommended that an Electrical Installation Condition Report is carried out on the installation prior to the customer consumer unit (fuseboard)
being replaced.

A Consumer unit must not be replaced until it has been established that:

  • The rating & condition of any existing equipment, including that of the distributor, will be adequate for the altered circumstance
  • The earthing & bonding arrangements necessary for the safety of the alteration are adequate
    • Main Earthing, Main Protective Bonding & Meter Tails

      The installer must verify, as a minimum:

      • The main earthing terminal of the installation is connected to an adequate means of earthing via a suitably sized earthing conductor
      • The main protective bonding is adequate
      • The meter tails & the distributor's equipment have adequate current carrying capacity
      • The polarity of the incoming supply is correct

        • If the above is not met, remedial work to upgrade the installation will first be required before the replacement of the customer consumer unit can take place.

          Planned Change

          If an Electrical Installation Condition Report has not been carried out, a pre-work survey will be undertaken to ascertain if there are any immediate or potential dangers
          or if there is any condition that would cause unwanted tripping of an R.C.D. The survey will include:

          • An internal inspection of the existing consumer unit to determine the type of condition of the wiring system used for the installation
          • An external visual inspection of other readily accessible parts of the installation
          • A measurement of the external earth fault loop impedance
          • A test of earth loop impedance at readily accessible socket outlets
          • An insulation resistance measurement of the whole installation at the consumer unit, between the live conductors connected together and the protective conductor
          • connected to the earthing arrangement
          • If any condition that would present an immediate or potential danger or cause unwanted tripping of an R.C.D is found the customer will be informed that
          • remedial work is necessary to improve safety
            • We offer a FREE Electrical Pre-Work Survey with every New Domestic Fuseboard

              Domestic clients can have the cost of the pre-work survey deducted from the price of a new fuseboard installation, providing that the new fuseboard is installed by us within 30 days of the pre-work survey being carried out by us. Please telephone for terms & conditions.

              Distress Change

              Occurs when a consumer unit:

              • Has suffered damage
              • Has become unusable through overheating
              • Is in a dangerous condition with exposed live parts
                • These situations will usually mean that the consumer unit will need to be replaced immediately, however no defective or dangerous circuits will be connected to the consumer
                  unit until the necessary remedial works have been carried out. These remedial works will need to be carried out without delay and the customers agreement to this will be

                  Lighting circuits having no protective conductor

                  Unearthed lighting circuits do not comply to BS 7671. It is therefore strongly recommeded that a lighting circuit having no protective conductor should not be
                  reconnected unless:

                  • It is rewired with cables having a protective conductor
                  • Or a circuit protective conductor is provided with a means of connection available at all accessible points of that circuit
                  • Or all associated metallic or class I fittings or accessories present are replaced by all insulated or class II alternatives
                    • Testing, Inspection & Certification

                      An Electrical Installation Certificate will be produced showing all the test results. Any defects which exist in the reconnected circuits for which improvements are
                      (Observations that would warrant a Code 3 classification in an Electrical Installation Condition Report) will be recorded.