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Emergency Lighting Testing

The Fire Safety Law changed in 2006. It emphasises preventing fires and reducing risk and makes it your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who
uses your premises and in the immediate vicinity.

The Guidance on Emergency Escape Lighting states 'An emergency escape lighting system should normally cover the following:

Each exit door / Escape Routes / Intersections of corridors / Outside each final exit and on external escape routes / Emergency escape signs
Changes in floor level /Stairways, so that each flight receives adequate light /Windowless rooms / Fire fighting equipment / Fire alarm call points
Equipment that would need be shut down in an emergency/ Lifts / Areas in premises greater than 60m

BS 5266-8, recommends that regular servicing (Daily and monthly) is essential and that a 'competent person' should be appointed to supervise servicing.
A reliable and measurable system should be in place to ensure the installation remains functional and compliant.


It is recommended that a qualified person carries out the following:

Each luminaire to be tested for its full rated duration
The charging arrangements shall be checked for proper functions
The date of the test shall be recorded in the systems log book
A certificate of inspection and testing shall be issued to the responsible person.

Argus Electrical are an accredited full scope NICEIC Electrical Contractor and can offer commercial clients the above annual test

New Installations

We can design & install a new emergency lighting scheme to current regulations. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation survey of your premises.

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