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Project Solution

Annual CO2 savings: > 180 Tonnes
Annual energy cost savings: > £40k
Total project pay back period: 4 years
Annual assumed maintenance cost avoided: £3k
(Replacement & disposal of lamps)
Number of replaced fittings & frames: > 1,000

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greenwich electricians

Project Background

We first conducted a lighting survey to ascertain the requirements of the College. This was submitted for approval, along with a return on investment report, a business plan and a lighting design scheme.

All necessary modification work, controls to corridor areas and the installation of emergency fittings to areas previously without adequate provision were also completed on this project.

The College should be able to re-coup the cost of the entire project with money saved from future energy bills within 4 years. Further savings will be seen from reductions in maintenance costs.

This project was funded with a Salix Finance interest free loan and we were instrumental in assisting the College with the application process to secure the loan.

The project needed to be carried out without disruption to the working day of College staff and to be completed within the summer break in readiness for the start of the new term.

Client Feedback

" Argus responded to the College's needs in a proactive way. Very helpful and knowledgeable from conception to completion, nothing was too much trouble. The project was delivered on time, within budget and without disruption to the College. I am delighted with the results"

Mr J Ettridge
College Facilities Manager